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Saying Thanks for the Flowers

Flowers blogSo in my mad whirl to unload, decrease, move forward, I've been taking inventory on many things in my life. Now, it's unrealistic to expect that I can do 'everything' at once, so I have been trying to give myself a bit of latitude to make forward movement every day even if it's a tiny thing; a tiny step forward is still a step forward. 

It's with this in mind that I come to two small bouquets of dried flowers that have been sitting in a vase for seven and a half years - when my mom died in September 2012, two friends sent me bouquets and they both landed in a vase where they have sat for this entire time. They've been a constant reminder of her passing and the pain of that and so I feel that now might be the time to let them go. They are brittle so I don't think that they can be pressed and after a little bit of a search online, it looks like my only options would be to make potpourri from them or put them in soap. I don't think I'll do either but those are nice thoughts. 

So today I say thanks for the flowers - the first from Dan, a guy I had started a long distance relationship with at the time and the second from a friend, Jodie, who has been there for me many times over the years in ways that were unexpected and beautiful. 

I will miss my mom til the day I die but I have other reminders of her in my life and dead flowers aren't the way to celebrate her, my friends, or myself. At least, not anymore. It's a seeming small step, but being ready to move on from the daily reminder of a painful past, might be the biggest step of them all.