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Coronavirus: How's It Goin'?

PurellHow's it going? 

These days that simple question takes on a deeper meaning - because it's really about: how's your physical health? and how's your mental health? 

So, long story short - two weeks ago I was with someone who had been with someone who tested positive. OK so that IS a few degrees away but the person I was with had a cold and I thought it not unreasonable that I could have picked something up. I didn't and after 14 days I am still feeling 100% fine physically (although I have been sneezing a LOT - I suppose it could be allergies - they flare up so infrequently that I sometimes forget year to year that I even have them). 

Like many of us, I am feeling the pinch mentally. I swing wildly from one emotion to the other. You know. The same way you're feeling. 

It's not that I'm feeling it when it comes to working from home - I've done that most of the 16 years I've lived in my NYC apartment - but from my imagination dreaming up super scary outcomes to this. 

I try to stay present but my mind keeps drifting towards possible futures. 

As you are probably also feeling, containing those emotions is a lot of work. 

Thankfully I had planned on taking this week off, and although our travel plans got called off and my partner, a medical professional, had his vacation time revoked, I decided to keep mine. I had waffled about this but my boss was insistent and perhaps that was a good call. 

So I'm at home but unable to sit still. I made a list of a dozen projects but I am struggling to muster up the energy to do much on any of them... and then I kick myself for not making better use of this time 'off'. 

Sound familiar? 

I'm doing my best to breathe, be grateful, and laugh. And there are some crazy/funny memes out there. So, in the spirit of mental health, here's one of my favorites: Girl With the Purell Earring. I hate that I didn't think of that!! :) 

What are YOU doing to take care of you  - and most importantly, how's it goin'?