Coronavirus: Working from Home
Coronavirus: How's It Goin'?

Coronavirus: Things That Go Bump In the Night

89883088_10158043396345351_8295240195578527744_nOk, like many of you, I am working from home, scrambling to simultaneously keep my work life going (and be there on the front lines of cancelling / rescheduling firm events) and my personal life (like, thinking ahead to everything that needs to be done in a different way now and having the patience to let go of the things that aren't going to happen right now - the gym, a party, the bar, etc). 

I am, at different times scared, sad, angry, and, at other times, I find myself finding the joy in everyday kindnesses.  

But, mostly, I'm just scared.

The fear ranges from the usual ("we're all going to die") to the extreme ("what if when we leave our apartments, we discover that we've been taken over by another country?"). 

The best thing I can advise any of you who are feeling the same push from their emotions as I am, is to simply breathe. Trite, I am well aware, but it does help. Stretch. Probably it wouldn't hurt you to maybe dance either by yourself, with your family, or through one of the online dance parties that have sprung up - I know there's one based out of LA and I imagine that there are others. We are spending time watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show since the boyfriend has never seen it (the things you learn about your loved ones in a crisis! lol) 

I just want to say that our ability as humans to cope with a pandemic is a true testament to what makes us pretty awesome. We figure it out. Somehow. Online concerts from people's living rooms? Fantastic! Free Opera? Sure! and you want to join me in viewing of the classic CINDERELLA on You Tube tonight March 20 at 8pm ET in conjunction with Playbill? Why not! 

There's a lot right now that we have no control over. But there is a lot that we do. Stay home as much as you can and stay away from other people when you go out is the most obvious, of course. 

But more importantly - for those who, right now at least, only hear things that go bump in the night, a wish: find things each day to be grateful for. Make a list if you have to. Tape it to the wall. I also recommend finding ways of making others feel better. For example, I'm composing hand written letters to send out over the weekend. I always find it nice to get a letter in snail mail and know that others feel the same way. 

Meanwhile, my plan for getting through this today is to breathe through my fear, focus on doing one thing at a time, and watch Mary Tyler Moore. You know, she can turn the world on with her smile and that is certainly helping us!