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February 2021

Andrew Altenburg.com

True story:

Ok, when I first created this blog, I owned the domain name, andrewaltenburg.com. If you knock around the old entries, you might notice that branding. But, about ten years ago or so, I let the domain lapse. It was picked up by someone who turned it into a weird advice site for married men looking to step out on their wives (CREEPY). I didn't really know /understand why anyone would have bothered to use MY name but there wasn't anything that I thought I could do about it.
I figured I'd check over the years to see if it was available because we all know that people give up names, even scammers. Anyway, .last time I checked (maybe 3 years ago?) it was being sold by someone for some ridiculous amount like five thousand dollars. So yeah, no. 
I had mostly let go of the idea of having my own domain again and had, of course already established the JumpingforJoy site.
But part of me always hoped that I would get the domain back. And, if I'm being really honest, part of the reason that I don't have business cards at this point is that, especially for my wedding and my cartooning work, I don't know that J4J ever made the best sense branding-wise.
Fast forward to Friday - I was creating an artists portfolio on DeviantArt.com and, as I worked through it, a notice came up saying that andrewaltenburg.com was available and did I want to purchase it? I did. $30 later, I now own my own name again (for the next two years and the auto renew is turned on!) and it's already pointing to the blog. I am ecstatic!
I think the only way for any kind of consistent branding between Jumping for Joy and Andrew Altenburg blog posts would be to be methodically remove them and replace. I won't be doing that. 
But it is a strange world we live in where just anyone can buy the domain of someone they are not. 


One Year Later - A Journal of 2 - 25 - 20 #radiocitymusichall, #newyorkcity, #midtown

Journal radio cityA year ago Radio City Music Hall went dark for the evening - something I've never seen happen in all my years living in NYC and working in midtown. At the time, a friend suggested that it had gone dark due to a producer who had passed away, but that seems like something they'd dim the lights for, not turn off completely. It couldn't have been a power outage as you can clearly see that there are lights on in the floors above the marquee. 

As Radio City has always been a focal point to our cultural experience, so perhaps it knew better than the rest of us the dark times that were in our immediate future.