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One Year Later - A Journal of 2 - 28 - 20 #viewfromwork, #manhattan, #cubicle

One Year Later - A Journal of 2 - 27 - 20 #hyatt, @hyattcentrictsq

Hello all, welcome to March 2021 - for those of you just joining me, I'm doing a little day by day lookback at my world a year ago in a series of journals. :) 

A year ago on 2/27/20, a colleague of mine invited me to join her for a site visit to the Hyatt Centric off of Times Square. Keeping up on the latest venues is part of an event planner's job, of course, and I'm always thrilled to see a 'new' (well, new to me) space especially those with great meeting spaces and cocktail lounges and the Hyatt Centric has no shortage of either. But, for me, the selling point is the view. True, on the day we went, it was kind of windy and as someone who is so not a fan of heights, going outside to snap this picture felt like a great challenge. lol But it was worth it. 

As the bar and meeting space is pretty tight (it is after all Times Square) I can't imagine being there now although knowing the awesome people at the Hyatt, I'm sure every consideration possible has been made to ensure safety. Defintely a hats off to all my hotel colleagues who have gone through the wringer this past year. 

I look back to those days- I, and maybe many of us, were sort of living in two worlds - part of us going about our day as usual, but the other part of us having a growing sense of Something Coming and preparing for it... without knowing, really, exactly what "it" was. 

But knowing that the biggest concern I had a year ago was my fear of heights, hah, sounds quaint now. :)

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