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May 2021

MEMOrial Day Weekend #bacon, #covid, #covidpounds

BaconblogGood morning and happy weekend! I'm never quite sure whether to say "Happy" Memorial Day weekend since it is, by it's very name, a somber occasion (ie remembering our fallen soldiers) but, well, we live in a world where the reason for this season has become more or less lost (see also: Christmas). 

Anyway, we're starting the weekend with bacon. Well, it's turkey bacon. I'm tempted to say, like Monica says in a FRIENDS alternate universe episode about light mayonnaise "it's not real!", but it's actually really good and it'll do as we are trying to shed covid pounds.

OK, so our covid pounds started a couple years before covid but shhh we are blaming it on 15 months of quarantine and anxiety eating over last year's election and, well, the looming threat of death. The Mister is a GREAT cook and we love our sweets. 

But both of us are taking regular walks and trying to eat more fruit/veggies and less chocolate. 

I have been walking around the neighborhood and Riverside Park every mid-day for the past couple weeks trying to up my cardio. 

I've also been walking shirtless in a hope that 'this year' is the year that I get some color. I'm never really tan, but I'm definitely whiter/paler than normal and omg I am aiming for 'human' skin color this year. 

And yes, the other day a couple people pointed and snickered and yes I'm sure that as a 57 year old super pale and chubby human being, I looked ridiculous. I have been working out with some free weights and cables over the past few months but not as consistent as I would like. But perhaps if I keep it all up for the next three months, by Labor Day, I may see some positive changes. And yes, I am that vain to try. I'm not going to go that easily into that good night! 

Have a great weekend all and more MEMOs coming soon. :)