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June 2021

The Monday Evening

LighthouseblogGood evening and Happy Monday!

So I've been exercising a lot as a way to work off some stress but also because I'm pudgy and want to shape up. I don't really care about losing weight per se, just about getting in shape that leans more towards inverted triangle rather than a chocolate donut. (mmmm donuts). 

I joined a local gym and have been walking a LOT. This past Saturday I walked from my nabe at W. 102/Broadway all the way up to the George Washington Bridge. That was 5 miles. I then walked back down Broadway stopping to pick up a cab at W. 145th as I was late for a gym appointment. I ended up trekking nearly 8 miles. 

Anyway, the Bridge has a special significance for me and here's why -

About 15 years ago or so I would routinely ride my bike during the middle of the day up to the George Washington Bridge and back. I'd sometimes take a sandwich and have a bite at the little red lighthouse situated underneath the Bridge. It kind of became A Thing That I Did. 

But during this time of my life, I was really searching for myself and I wondered how I'd ever make the transition from a life I'd led (one which was quite lovely but had become impractical for a variety of reasons) to the sort of life that I wanted to have. And as I sat there and reflected, it occurred to me, this many years later, that the things I still strive and dream of (a syndicated comic strip, a home) seem as unattainable to me now as my current life did to me then. But, as a true lighthouse should, this gives me some hope. 

I hope that you have a nice place that you can go that's a kind of touchstone for you. 



The Friday Jam #journal, #instagram, #newyorkcity

Sun graphicGood morning and happy Friday! If your week has been a bit of a chaotic mess like mine was, i wish for you that this weekend brings you peace. 

I was able to escape from my own frenzy long enough to take a very restorative walk in Riverside Park yesterday. I turned up the tunes, took pics (posted them to the Instagram - andrewaltenburgmemo ), and continued towards my goal of getting back in shape.

Yes, if you walk the Park these days, you may see a super pale, slightly chubby middle aged man walking around at a fast pace without his shirt on. That's me. I'm trying to get back in shape (I've been struggling with the belly for over five years now, Covid just sort of made it worse) and, because I'm a redhead (or, well, used to be!) my skin is super pale and I'm determined to try to get at least a little color this summer - if I get out into the sun on a daily basis, I just might approach "human" color by Labor Day. :)

Last week/weekend I managed to find time to take three walks which together totaled about 20 miles. They were glorious. This weekend I'm aiming to walk from my apartment to the George Washington Bridge. That's quite a hike but do-able, I think. I'll find out. Will let you know if I made it. 

Meanwhile, I found it funny that Andrew Guiliani chose to make some sort of weird ranting speech from a parking lot about his dad being suspended  yesterday. Geez. That family really has a thing for making major announcements from the strangest places. In this case, the broken taillight doesn't seem to have fallen far from the rusted oil leaking car. :) It's hard to take this guy seriously. and he's running for Governor? OKaaayy. What's next? A press conference from the back of a 711? Geez, guy have some dignity! 

Have a fabulous weekend! 

(The sun graphic is something I found on a friend's wall on the Facebook - I really love this style and may take time to learn to create my own sun graphic in the future)