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Perpetual Burnout?

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Blog flowersWe've been on vacation for the past week; it's always helpful to get off the block and out of the city for a few days. We took Amtrak to Pennsylvania to see some sights, visit familiar places, and see family. Most people were wearing masks on the train although some were not. I was kind of confused how the conductors didn't enforce the Federal law requiring wearing masks on the trains / in the stations, but I should not be surprised, I suppose. Once we arrived at our destination, most people weren't wearing masks but, also, no one admonished us for continuing to wear them indoors. So there's that, at least. 

Meanwhile, I can report that about mid-June, I achieved a high level of burn out and mental exhaustion. Fun. I thought that a few days in a cabin in the Catskills and a few days in our favorite part of Pennsylvania would be more restorative than they were. I mean, they were relaxing and a lot of fun, but I'm only feeling marginally better. It's a little scary to feel like this burn out is permanent. I'm not sure how to handle that. 

I had much more to say about this but it all sounded bitchy and sad so I deleted it. Probably not helping me to put all of that 'out there' into the world; there's enough ugliness out there and I don't need or want to add to it just to make a point/ get likes.

I wish you a happy Thursday and if you're feeling burnt out like I am, put your thoughts in the comments section about how YOU are dealing with it!