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For 10 years I produced and emceed a weekly fundraising event. We'd play four rounds of bingo and I'd have guest stars each week call out numbers and be interviewed. Most of the time we had singers or drag queens do a number but one of my favorite guests was a poet who read his own work to a completely enraptured audience.

One of the highlights of the run was the night we had soap star Ilene Kristin as the main interview guest and Randy Jones (whom I was in a play with at the time) as our musical guest. We had an amazing interview with Ilene but suddenly I was aware that the show was nearly over and Randy hadn't shown up. But then, as is befitting the king of gay pop, Randy burst into the bar with nearly the entire cast and a small yet impressive entourage who squeezed into the bar while Randy joined me on stage. We sang a song and we all did the hand motions. 

A good time, as we say in Wisconsin, was had by all. :)

Anyway, I mention this tonight because my pal AB was my Ed MacMahon for the entire run. Somewhere along the line we started a running joke about the way they introduce "Yolaaaaaaannnnndda Veeeyyyyga!" when she calls the New York Lottery. It was, as these things are, an homage to and an appreciation of her awesomeness. 

I read today that she's retiring and, while the fundraising event was over in 2015, well, it sort of fits with my mood right now - I have been feeling this tug of closure of some old stuff lately and in it's own small way, that's a part of it. 

That's all for tonight, more later.