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Today's Nor'easter Kenan dumped a lot of snow on New York City, where I have lived for the past 19 years. During that time, we haven't had as many of the Big! Snowstorms! as we had when I lived in Manhattan in the mid 90s and I miss that. For an apartment dweller, however, the snow isn't as big of a hassle as it is for a home owner  - we don't have to shovel it or drive in it so it really becomes - "can I walk the block and a half to the grocery store?". (the answer is always: "yes" even when Hurricane Sandy was being crazy, the corner bodega was still open for beer and chips)

Growing up in Wisconsin, I became accustomed to the snow and spent those winter afternoons with the neighborhood kids tobogganing down a small hill behind our houses. As kids do, we didn't much care when we got so cold that our faces were red and we were sniffling. You didn't really 'feel' just how cold you were or how sweaty you'd become under multiple layers until you got back to the heat of home and had to peel every wet layer off. But, we had fun and didn't care about any of that.

Anyway, we got a nice cover on the ground today and it made the city a little cheerier. And while I'm sure the storm has or will impact others in a negative way, I'm grateful for a little cheer; we can always use a lot more of that. :) 

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