Andrew's Journal: Happy Hot Saturday
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Favorite Memes: Neil Gaiman on Seducing Writers

I like to collect memes. Maybe everyone does, I dunno. But I like to save the ones that move me, make me laugh, or contain a thought or art that speaks to me. I also love running jokes. The "girl and cat" meme has a bounty of variations that never fail to amuse. And then there's the "Bernie's mittens" series (which I added to with my own MEMO variations). 

Today's Favorite Meme is from a decade ago - writer Neil Gaiman answers how to best seduce a writer. I also approve of the direct approach - subtlety is lost on me when it comes to someone trying to seduce me and then there are other times when what I think is seduction is just someone being nice... then there was the time a work colleague got on to a virtual meeting still in tight body hugging work out clothes, all sweaty and pumped up. Was this a seduction or just someone feeling comfortable around me? Who knows? 

In any event, enjoy the conversation: 

(oh, and by the way, I am looking forward to Gaiman's Netflix SANDMAN series debuting August 5th!!)