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Back in graduate school as part of a dance studies class. It was a strange class on top of a strange experience, that I will eventually write about... but anyway, I had to watch a video of Merce Cunningham performing and then describe it. I had originally gone to grad school thinking that I would work as a dramaturge but had switched interests to writing theater for young audiences, Unknownand after this particular exercise, I realized that I had little interest in knowing how to write about a performer who repeatedly sweeps his toe on the stage. 

When I was graced with a couple of tickets to see the new documentary about Cunningham, I flashed back to that video I had watched in 1992 and flinched. I almost said 'no', but then the Mister was excited to go and so I smiled through what I thought would be a painful evening. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

"Dance" as an art form sort of confuses me - I find it a little tedious but filmmaker, Alla Kovgan, not only gives us some background (although this is not a comprehensive biography by any means) of Cunningham, but traces his artistic evolution, plus provides the audiences modern interpretations of his work - the effect is a gorgeously filmed movie that makes one want to search out live performances of the work. And having seen the work through her eyes as well as though the Mister's, I think I have a much better appreciation for its beauty and how innovative it was (and still is, really). 

I really encourage you to seek this film out; you can find where and when it's showing by going to the film's website by clicking here.



The Only Way To Do It Is To Go Through It #webcomics

DrawingtableblogThere are times when the blank piece of paper on my drawing table looks blanker than at other times. I don't know why this is, but it's true. 

I sketch and everything looks stupid. Does this happen to you? 

Or, maybe worse, sometimes my characters speak to me about what they're doing. They tell me fantastical things they're doing and I struggle to have the ability to depict those adventures.

I had this 'conversation' the other day: 

ME: Com'on Angie, let me know what you're doing.

ANGIE: I have.  

ME: Yeah, but I don't know how to draw that. 

ANGIE: You can, it just might take longer than you want it to, but you can. 

ME: (sighs) can what you're doing be something that I can draw, please? 

ANGIE: .... .Where's the fun in that? 

ME: (looks again at the blank piece of paper on my drawing table). 

My characters challenge me to tell their story.

And sometimes your muse tells you what you need to do and the only way to do it is to go through it. 

Has this happened to you? And what do you do then? 

Well, I think, if you want your characters to stick around, you get to work. That's what you do. 


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Hi all and thanks for visiting my site from the Storyboard Art talk this afternoon - it's a combination of my art and little blog posts. Since I know many of you are just visiting for the first time, here's a couple of recent pieces that I enjoyed creating - there's many more - best to click on this MEMO link or on the word MEMO in the category choices on the left. 

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