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Dear Friends! Welcome to my blog - and to the comic strip, MEMO. From Sept 6 -8, I'll be posting the complete collection of strips featuring my super hero alter ego, The Lone Apple! And, check out my Instagram (@MEMOthecomicstrip) for even more classic MEMO strips! If you like what you see, please let me (and others) know and if you have constructive criticism, always happy to hear - leave it in the comments and I'll see before approving posting publicly. :) All the best! 

MEMO 224 #comicstrip, #illustrator

MEMO 224


So as it's already mid-February and supposed to be 50 degrees today here in NYC, and the amount of snow that we've had in New York has been roughly, about zero, I think all the signs point to winter being over. Yes, I know we technically have a few weeks left, but any snow we get will just go away immediately anyway. Bummer.

I love snow especially when I'm inside with my honey and we're watching the world get snowed under from our south facing bedroom windows so this winter has been kind of a bust for me but I suppose it's nice for us city dwellers not to have to deal with subway closures and slush... still, I miss it.  

I made this graphic up a few years ago and it came up in my 'memories' on the Facebook. I also wrote that the so-called snowpocalypse had turned out to be a kind of a bust. But I thought I would post the graphic anyway because I'm pretty proud of it and besides, who doesn't love a little Godzilla first thing in the morning? 


Nothing more to say at this time..  have a great day!