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Favorite Meme Day - Angry Woman Yelling at Cat

OMG, I love the 'angry woman yelling at cat' memes - they have been continuously hilarious and increasingly inventive. 

This is my favorite - 

Cat1... mainly because we had a two week vacation and I DID spend time looking at Baby Yoda memes (which have disappeared, sadly, although I found this video on the You of the Tube - someone included thoughts of the Child in scenes from THE MANDALORIAN and it's freakin adorable). I did stumble over a Han Solo/Bespin meme which I now cannot find (bummer). 

If you're jonesing for more "angry woman yelling at cat" memes, you can check out 31 of them on the Ruin My Week website. This is my favorite: 


Favorite Meme Day @thegoodgodabove

In these troubled times, this meme speaks to everything that I think and feel. I cannot stress this enough. 

As a side note, growing up I was not taught to fear God as others I knew did - I could not quite ever come to grips with the images of a vengeful, angry version of God that was just waiting to pounce when I messed up. I've always had the image of God as a driving buddy who would sit patiently in the passenger seat until I realized that we might be better off if He were driving instead. And when I would do that, He would be all "I got this". I found myself in a lot of unexpected and amazing places that way. When you see everything as a punishment, everything becomes one. When you see everything more positively, well, you get the idea. 

Seems to me that the good news of the New Testament was all about "you don't have to do all those things like twirling three times in a circle to get forgiven, anymore, I've made it easy for you is ask for forgiveness... done? Great!"... but we still get Old Testament thinking even to this day (and I'm sure we'll see a LOT of that in the coming months now that Mayor Pete seems to have a real shot at the Presidency... oh, that'll be ... "fun"! Lol). 

Meanwhile, the Twitter account @TheGoodGodAbove is always great fun for clear thinking bite size theology 'erring' on the side of humanity ....and humor. We could use a lot more of that these days, that's for sure! 


Favorite Meme Day

There's something about this one that really cracks me up - maybe it's because I actually sometimes feel like the world's biggest clutz; maybe it's because I still remember the old Brooke Shields "I tripped on purpose" SNL skit; or maybe it's because I have a friend who is a professional stunt performer and I've been following and enjoying her cool adventures via Instagram so I've been missing her... ... a quick word here about the kind of friend like the stunt performer... you know, I only see her every once in a blue moon but when we catch up, it's like we've never been apart - I'm grateful to say that I have quite a few of this kind of friend; in fact, actually, most every friend I have is like that for me. :)

Anyway, all of that is nothing compared to the joy of self deprecating humor - granted, that used to be more of a favorite of mine than it is now, but I will always have a soft spot for it. 



Favorite Meme Day #babyyoda #starwars #themandalorian

Yup, this was me during my nearly two week vacation from work (although, I was sort of working throughout the two weeks due to a Big! Meeting! I was working on that took place the first week of Jan - the work paid off as it was a huge success and the people in charge were very happy with the results).