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The Tuesday Blog: General Hospital Has a "Nina Problem" #GH, #generalhospital, @watroswatros

Among fans of General Hospital there is no character who generates more opinions than Nina Reeves. Nina is magazine publisher whose mother put her in a coma in her late teens/early 20s when when she was pregnant with her doctor boyfriend's baby. This is all backstory, by the way, as Nina showed up only after coming out of her coma and reuniting with said boyfriend as middle aged adults. The story at the time was that Nina had lost the baby but soap fans knew that the baby would eventually show up. How could it not? 

NinaghAt first Nina was a little cuckoo, I mean, who wouldn't be after being put in a coma by their own mother? But after the original actress left the role, LOST alum Cynthia Watros joined the show and played Nina a little less crazy and more of a victim trying to find the child she lost through cruel fate. 

After a lot of storylines, it turned out that she gave birth to twins. One of the twins, Nelle, is presumed dead, and the other, Willow, is battling for her life against cancer. 

Through too many circumstances too convoluted to recap here, Nina is currently in a situation where she is or soon will be reviled by everyone in the fictional town of Port Charles. And therein lies the "Nina Problem".... because, what do you do with her when she is a total outcast? 

What I would do is this - Willow gets the bone marrow she's waited for for months that will save her life - but oh no! something else has gone awry and maybe she needs a new heart! The young mother of two babies is about to succumb when suddenly the doctor rushes in and reveals that there has been an accident and they are prepping Willow for heart transplant surgery (yeah, yeah, I know it's not like ordering a Happy Meal, but that's how these shows treat it... just go with it, it'll be easier that way LOL).

But, wait, everyone says, where is Nina at this moment? It's Nina that's had the accident and it's Nina's heart that will save Willow, her daughter. It would be revealed that it wasn't an "accident" that Nina planned it very carefully... and Nina is remembered as a hero, despite all of her misdeeds. Everyone would feel terrible at how they'd treated her and it would cause lots of great soapy angst. I would hate to lose the fabulous Cynthia Watros, but that would be one kick ass storyline in my opinion! ;) 

If you're a fan of GH, how would YOU solve the "Nina problem"? :)


Art Vs Artist 2022 #artvsartist2022, #comicstrips, #cartoonist, #artist

Good morning and happy Monda--- errrrr Tuesday. Yeah, these four day work weeks always throw me off. lol :)

As the year winds down, I've put together one of those "art vs artist" graphics that get posted at this time of the year. 

2022 was not a high output year - I started the year with high hopes - that I could conclude the Lone Apple/Squeeze story that I started in autumn 2021 (yikes! that looks terrible when I write it out). I hadn't been 100% happy with the strips and felt that I could expand a bit and I did. So I re-did the original strips and added some additional bits to expand the story. My favorite part of the 'expansion' was the whole series of "bib" strips. One of those is included in the "art vs artist" graphic below and you can see the whole saga (so far) in the gallery to the right. 

Unfortunately due to an extended grueling time at work (this went on for nearly 10 months) and a house hunt, I had to put MEMO aside. I was pretty bummed about it but did what I could when I could. Thankfully, once I started to shift some things in my life, I had a little bit of a renaissance this autumn and came up with some really terrific stuff. It's been more sporadic than I'd like, but am just happy that I'm creating again! And, on top of it, I got a little freelance design work - two neat projects that I was VERY happy with. :)

Anyway, it's anyone's guess what 2023 will bring, but I hope you'll come back to find out what's new in the wonderful world of MEMOs! :)

Art V Artist 2022

Quote of the Day #bobdylan, #freedom, #vaccination

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday! 

Today I am reminded of a Bob Dylan quote -  "A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." 

Seems lately that Americans have forgotten that. We want 'freedom' but don't understand the responsibility of freedom. 

You are not free to spread a deadly virus, for example. 

Get vaccinated so that we can finally be done with Covid. The longer you persist in your selfishness, the longer we will have to endure this. 

On Thursday, July 22nd I will acknowledge the 500th day since I started working from home; something that was supposed to last about four to six weeks. At the time, I was like 'wow, that's a long time'... to that memory,  I say HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! if only it had only been that long. Had everyone cooperated, we could have been done by last summer. But nope, people are morons.